Amalia Slobogian, BA, MA, B.Ed.

Lesson Plan Samples

The following introductory lesson plan is excerpted from a larger unit plan which connects the canoe as a unique Canadian cultural object to a broader study of the history of early exploration of Canada. Specifically, the lesson focuses on the historic Inuit and Cree “Odeyak Voyage” with an emphasis on Aboriginal land rights, social justice, and peaceful acts of resistance. The lesson is differentiated and stresses inclusive, cooperative learning.

In relation to the Ontario curriculum, it may be taught as part of the Grade 7/8 Social Studies curriculum as an extension on a lesson about early explorers (Aboriginal and European) and the utility of the canoe in early Canada, or as part of the Grade 10 Canadian History course in relation to the 1990s and modern Canada.

Download lesson plan “Can a Canoe Change History?”


I created the following lesson plan for a course on Safe Schools. The lesson connects anti-violence education (specifically, the topic of abusive relationships) to the teaching of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in a Grade 10 classroom.


Download SAFE SCHOOLS Lesson Plan PDF – Romeo and Juliet, Grade 10